Kieffer Simpson Claims the Throne for Haley James Racing


Duck X Productions Sweet 16 5.0

South Georgia Motorsports Park

Adel, Georgia

March 24-27, 2022



  • Kieffer Simpson claims the Ultra Street throne at Duck X Productions Sweet 16 5.0 – with a new personal best and hole shot victories

  • Haley James qualifies number 1 in Ultra Street with a new personal best and semi-final round appearance

  • Simpson and James sit number 4 and 5 in points of FuelTech Radial Outlaws Racing Series

  • Haley James Racing puts together a plan for Radial Tire Racing Association and Radial Outlaws Racing Series


Adel, Georgia (March 29, 2022) – The newest driver from the Haley James Racing team claims the Ultra Street Throne at Duck X Productions Sweet 16 5.0. Competing against the toughest drivers in the country, Kieffer Simpson and #AmericanXpress prevailed with two hole shot victories, and a new personal best pass of 4.525 seconds. Sweet 16 is one of the most prestigious events in radial-tire drag racing at the famous South Georgia Motorsports Park. 


“After the runner-up finish at Bradenton Motorsports Park during the NMRA event a few weeks ago, I was very excited to come to SGMP. Our team works extremely hard and we all work like a well oiled machine when it's GO time. After a semi-final appearance against Haley at NMRA, we finally got to race each other and send one of the HJR cars to the final round. Using the NMRA event to test for this big race (Sweet 16), our cars were ready for serious battle on the big stage. I am still at a loss of words and couldn't do this without everyone's support and help on the car. Dwayne (owner) is one bad ass dude with the coyote engines and tuning, Haley and I are more than lucky for all of this. I still can't believe I did it, especially with the great teams and drivers we had to race against!" says Simpson. 

Haley James with #TheWarEagle qualified in the number 1 position of Ultra Street out of 25 drivers – with a 4.484 pass at 160.65 mph. Later in competition, she set the world on fire with a blistering 4.472 rip at 161.11 mph! The way that the ladder was set up, only one HJR car could make it to the final round because Simpson and James had to face each other in the semi-final round AGAIN. Simpson moved on with a hole shot victory against his fiancè Haley James (both had to sleep on the couch because toter life, for those wondering).


"Going number 1 is just the cherry on top to what breaking into the 40 zone represents. We don't have any special advantage over any other racer, this is what 10 years of working our asses off on the same combination with some of the best parts and smartest people that you can find in this industry looks like. The War Eagle obviously being the favored car of the event, I slept at the light and Kieffer is a lumberjack on the tree, my dad (Dwayne) is a small tire outlaw veteran, you know when HJR rolls around the corner that it's going to be a battle, even when both cars are pitted against each other. I've only gotten to run in the opposite lane to Kieffer twice, both times in semi-finals, I can tell that a lot of people assume that would cause tension or issues in our relationship but both of us have agreed it's the most comfortable race to win or lose because both of us are fighting for the same team. I'm so lucky and grateful for this life and the opportunities it provides us, we get to live our dreams and continue a legacy with my dad that he started a long time ago."


Simpson and James are sitting in the number 4 and number 5 spot of the FuelTech Radial Outlaws Racing Series points and the RTRA points will be calculated soon. Haley James Racing has some planning to do with what events are going to make the most sense to attend as there is a lot of racing coming up around the same weekends.

The team has departed back to their home locations, Albuquerque, NM and Brownsburg, IN to take care of business and will be back to a track near YOU!

Qualifying Results:

Haley James qualified No. 1 – 4.484 seconds at 160.65 mph
Kieffer Simpson qualified No. 5 – 4.572 at 159.27 mph

Elimination Results:

Round 1:
James bye run (4.562 seconds at 159.95 mph)
Simpson (4.645 seconds at 158.46 mph) over Clements (10.236 e.t.)

Round 2:
James (4.481 seconds at 161.00 mph) over Pevlar (4.498 153.06 mph)
Simpson (4.552 seconds at 159.70 mph) over Hubbard (4.589 seconds at 153.33 mph)

Round 3:
James (4.472 seconds at 161.11 mph) over Keep (7.432 seconds at 91.83 mph)
Simpson (4.525 seconds at 159.87 mph) over Spina (4.516 seconds at 155.06 mph)

Simpson (4.572 seconds at 158.91 mph) over James (4.525 seconds at 160.73 mph)

Simpson (4.668 seconds at 157.58 mph) over Fiscus (broke bye)