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If you’re looking for the strongest racing carbon fiber driveshaft, then you’re in the right place. Our 3.75-inch Carbon Fiber Drag Racing driveshaft with 1480 joints is our premium line product – offering strength up to 3,000 horsepower and the reliability that you expect from PST.


We designed this advanced shaft around a torsional spring rate that produces even and drama-free shifting. It’s an essential component that professional racers rely on for success. Best of all, this shaft is engineered to stand up to the strain of 3,000 HP. That means it’s the perfect match for a Pro-Mod car or a truck or early-model OEM-chassis car that needs a longer driveshaft.


PST’s industry-leading carbon fiber driveshafts are built to rigorous specs:
•  The shaft is bonded to an exclusive-design 7075 forge aluminum tube yoke
•  Tube integrity is validated via a bi-directional 3,000 ft/lbs torque test
•  Computer balanced to less than a ⅛ ounce/inch variance as an assembly

This Carbon Fiber Drag Race driveshaft is available in either the 1350 or 1480 series with different wall thicknesses to match horsepower requirements.


SFI Certification
Our 3.75”-inch carbon fiber driveshafts are able to be SFI certified. If your racing plans require SFI certification, be sure to request this when ordering.


Ready To Order?
Have the following information together for easy ordering:
•  Seal-to-center dimension (see Diagram N/dimension “X” in our measurement guide)
•  Rear U-joint size
•  Maximum RPM
•  Maximum horsepower
•  Transmission type


3,000 HP 3.75” Carbon Fiber Driveshaft w/ 1480 Joints

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