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If your 1993-2002 Camaro uses a 9-inch Ford rear end, then it’s safe to say there’s an appreciation for performance and durability. That makes our matched 3.5-inch Aluminum Sportsman Driveshaft the perfect upgrade. We hand-craft this must-have component to exacting standards.


• Factory-straightened tubing built to a .010” total turnout at the center

• Tube yokes welded to within a .004” runout on each end

• Shafts are computer balanced to less than a ⅛ ounce/inch variance as an assemblyWith a capacity of up to 700 HP, this PST driveshaft is designed for smooth operation on the street or the track.


Ready To Order?

Get started by having the seal-to-center measurement. Just check our convenient measurement guide (see the “X” dimension in Diagram N) if you need to confirm the details. Also, if you’re looking for extra durability and strength, consider a 27 spline forged Chromoly slip yoke upgrade. Order online or give the PST team a call at 727-442-1711 for one-on-one help.


3" Aluminum Sportsman Shaft

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