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A Chromoly steel driveshaft is highly sought after for its unique properties. Chromoly is a chrome-alloy steel with added carbon content for increased strength, used by many racers in high horsepower applications. This 3-inch shaft goes one step further with 1350 Series “Gold” solid U-joints. This PST driveshaft is recommended for dragsters with engine output up to 2,500 HP.


Importantly, we engineer this shaft within the industry’s strictest tolerances.
•  Hydraulically straightened tubing built to a .005” total turnout at the center
•  Tube yokes welded to within a .006” runout on each end
•  Shafts are computer balanced to less than a ⅛ ounce/inch variance as an assembly


PST’s comprehensive approach to engineering includes calculating the critical speed for each driveshaft for maximum longevity and reliability. An independent facility has tested this Chromoly steel shaft design to withstand up to 2,800 lb-ft of torque. And we back this up with optional SFI certification.


Ready To Order?
PST builds this driveshaft to your precise specifications, plus we can enhance it with a Spicer U-joint or a choice of slip yokes. Have questions about the advantages of Chromoly steel or available upgrades? Give us a call at 727-442-1711, and our hands-on team can explain the details.

3" Chromoly Steel Driveshaft (2,500 HP) .095" Wall for High Horsepower

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