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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dwayne James claims one of the most victorious teams in Ford drag racing history. HJR, derived from the original, B-TEAM maintains 20+ national event titles and 6 world championships since joining the coyote game in 2014.

In 2010, James was behind the wheel of "The Purple Car", a mystic-colored SN95 Mustang – that competed in old school Outlaw 10.5 and was the next step of the legacy he is creating. Today, he takes pride in his 3-car small-tire drag racing team that competes in professional outlaw drag racing events, all over the country.

With Haley James Racing (daughter) making the way through the drag racing world, much credit is given to James. From engine building (B-TEAM Performance), to tuning and owning the program, Dwayne James number one goal in this world is to be remembered for what he is teaching and leaving behind.

A legend to say the least.




Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Frank Varela contributes his championship-driving style to B-TEAM Performance and HJR. With 3 championship titles in his turbo-charged Mustangs, everything is brought to the table when he puts it in the beams.

From performing in the Renegade class to the X275 class, Varela is a top-tier competitor in any category he is entered in. In high school, Varela started racing with his brother. In 2014, Varela teamed up with James and the copper car – because it was Coyote Modified legal. After claiming a championship in that car, Varela moved to the car he owned and claimed two championships in the Renegade category. 

After some time off throughout the past few seasons, Varela can be found again in the 2022 season sending it down the track in the X275 class at outlaw events all around the country.



haley james

Location: Brownsburg, Indiana

Haley James, daughter of Dwayne James, has paved a path in small-tire radial drag racing as a 3x champion – while competing in many categories such as Coyote Modified, Renegade/Xtreme Street, and Ultra Street. 

At 17 years old, James started her racing career in the Frank Hawley's School of Drag Racing, moving in to the Coyote Modified Copper Foxbody that Varela previously drove. This later became known as the 'Merica Foxbody that James was extremely successful with.

Now, at 25 years old, you can find her wheeling the 2000 turbocharged Mustang GT known as #TheWarEagle in the Ultra Street category. After clinching the 4th position in points for 2021, she looks to improve for the 2022 season in an extremely competitive class.

Nonetheless, a huge rising star in the world of outlaw drag racing.




Location: Brownsburg, Indiana 

Kieffer Simpson is the driver of the 2013 Boss 302 Turbocharged Mustang, known as the #AmericanXpress. Coming from a family with huge background in the world of drag racing,
he is the newest addition to the team as a driver – with driving, marketing, and business skills.

Simpson started competing in the world of drag racing as a kid in the junior dragster ranks. From learning the ins and outs of bracket racing and heads up racing in the juniors, he moved his knowledge to the "big car world." From crewing on the Rudolf Motorsports Pro Mod to HJR's #TheWarEagle, Simpson has not given up on his life-time dream of racing in the heads-up world.

At 27 years old, Simpson has high hopes of claiming event wins, with an ultimate dream of picking up a championship for the 2022 season. 

The "new" driver is paving his path quickly in the world out outlaw radial-tire drag racing.


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