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Duck X Productions
No Mercy 13 United We Stand

South Georgia Motorsports Park

Adel, Georgia

October 27-30, 2022



  • Team HJR qualifies in the number 1 and 17 spots out of a 20-car Ultimate Street field – with top speed performances

  • Haley James creates history as she is the first female winner of Duck X Productions outlaw drag racing – with world record elapsed times

  • James sits in the number 4 position (277 points) of Ultimate Street points with the World Street Nationals (next week) counting as double points

  • Simpson sits in the number 7 position (236 points) of Ultimate Street points with the World Street Nationals (next week) counting as double points

  • Team HJR is working for a few days and back to the track for the 6th and final 2022 event of the FuelTech Radial Outlaws Series

Brownsburg, Indiana (November 4, 2022) – The fifth stop for the FuelTech Radial Outlaw Series was at South Georgia Motorsports Park – for the Duck X Productions No Mercy 13 United We Stand event. Haley James Racing (Dwayne James) is always collecting data from both of the Ultimate Street Cars and after a summer of struggles, the hard work has paid off – with both cars putting on stellar performances. 


To kick off the weekend, Kieffer Simpson laid down a solid 4.518 pass at 160.33 mph pass in the heat (Q4), taking #AmericanXpress to the TOP of the sheet for Ultimate Street qualifying. Ironically enough, Haley's #TheWarEagle was giving team HJR some struggles in the beginning of the week – landing in the 17th spot with a 4.737 rip at 153.67 mph. After qualifying was complete, it was time to switch to focus to race day(s) and the team did just that.

“That’s why you run a two-car team,” Dwayne James declared later. “I know some guys don’t like it, but that’s why we do it. Kieffer’s car was good right from the start, so I just used what it was telling me to make Haley’s better and you see the results. That’s why you do it.”

The focus was to take the event round-by-round and what happens, happens... What happened is that Haley James created outlaw drag racing history by becoming the first female to win a Duck X Productions event, and set a new world record for the competitive category of Ultimate Street. The world record was set in the quarter finals with a 4.451 elapsed time at 161.54mph! This is one of the most competitive classes in outlaw drag racing because every combination is capable of these kinds of performances.

When Haley was asked about the win, her simple response was:
“I honestly am speechless, it really hasn’t sunk in yet,” the Brownsburg, IN-based racer said of her record-setting ways. “But I know it means a lot, to me and my team.”

The champions for the 2022 Radial Outlaws Series will be determined at our next event, World Street Nationals at Orlando Speed World Dragway (DOUBLE POINTS). The points are tight throughout the top 10 and as of now, James is sitting in the number 4 spot with 277 points – putting her 181 points out of first. Simpson is not far behind her in the 7th spot with 236 points – putting him 222 points out of first. If everything falls in line and the cards are in our favor, coming out of the 2022 season on top is achievable with the double points system in place. 

The team has scattered back around the country to their homes in Indiana and New Mexico for a few days to keep the business running and preparing for the trip back down south to Orlando in just a few short days.

For updated information on what is next, stay tuned to our social media pages, and

Qualifying Results:
Kieffer Simpson qualified No. 1 – 4.518 seconds at 160.33 mph
Haley James qualified No. 17 – 4.737 seconds at 153.67 mph

Elimination Results:
Round 1:
Simpson (4.540 seconds at 164.49 mph) over Norris (9.877 seconds at 68.94 mph)
James (4.484 seconds at 161.13 mph) over Smith (4.530 seconds at 156.94 mph)

Round 2:
Simpson (4.753 seconds at 153.09 mph) loses to Fiscus (4.470 seconds 154.37 mph)
James (4.509 seconds at 161.94 mph) over Clements (4.594 seconds at 152.45 mph)

Round 3:
James (4.451 seconds at 161.54 mph) over Connelley (4.661 seconds at 151.73 mph)

James (4.489 seconds at 161.23 mph) over Fiscus (9.987 seconds at 63.06 mph)

James (4.461 seconds at 161.11 mph) over Barnett (7.975 seconds at 89.74 mph)

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