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Do you want to go 4.40s to the 1/8? The first step is an engine you can trust to take the beating. This is our sleeved and filled Predator Coyote build, and the ONLY engine we put in our Ultra Street cars. This is our top tier, top of line, baddest of the bad. Contact us today to get your build started.


Sleeved Predator Block (Sleeved by RGR)

  • Diamond custom turbo pistons (Total Seal rings gapped for boost)
  • Oliver Rods with ARP 2000 and Clevite bearings
  • Boss crank with Clevite bearings clearanced for boosted application
  • Deck with boost rings to Haley James Racing specs
  • Oil squirter deletes


Haley James Racing Max Heads

  • STG 3-port job
  • Valves and spring kit (base pressures set for boosted application)
  • Billet caps
  • 12mm HSK
  • Comp cams custom turbo grind (HJR specs)
  • Cometic MLSX gaskets



Valve Covers

Front Cover

Moroso Oil Pan

Rear Billet Cover 


1320 Junkie Performance Boost Proof Boss 302 Intake

  • Ported to HJR specs

Ultra Predator 1500+ Race Only Coyote Engine

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